Advanced Servo-Press Control

Thursday, October 1, 2015

AidaAida-America Corp.
Booth S4524, S4724

Aida-America Corp., Dayton, OH, introduces an advanced servo-press control platform, which, via its Aida DSF servo-automation interface, reportedly significantly improves the performance of the Aida DSF-series (Direct Drive Servo Former) servo presses. Features include an Allen-Bradley Compact Logix PLC; Allen-Bradley 19-in. PC touchscreen OIT; Beckhoff servo-motor motion control; and storage for 500 job recipes, which can be downloaded and uploaded to a flash drive. In addition, the platform includes an integrated tonnage monitor with signature analysis; three-speed step-feed (hand wheel) slide and motion control for improved setup; 16 smart PLS cams; and 16-input Smart Die protection with both PNP/NPN signals. The control displays actual and virtual crank angles, and is capable of displaying compatible transfer and feeder screens.


See also: Aida-America Corporation, A Subsidiary of AIDA Engng LLC

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