PMA Launches Annual Technical Conference

Wednesday, April 1, 2009
PMA’s 1st Annual Technical Conference, April 26-28, in Cleveland, OH, will address topics identified as key success factors for the metalforming industry: best practices, industry benchmarking, current technology and its applications, and future advancements. The conference is focused on helping optimize and economize part-making operations. Attendees will gain valuable, money-saving and contract-winning advice on how to:

• Employ integrated electronic systems for press lines that can improve quality, reduce setup time and reduce downtime.

• Identify types of tooling failure, determine causes and provide remedies.

• Assess manufacturing operations to uncover inefficiency and achieve profitability.

• Get more out of the entire die-protection system.

• Successfully form higher-strength materials through better understanding of material properties and better use of the correct tooling and lubricants.

• Add fabrication equipment, such as laser-cutting machines and turret punch presses, to complement stamping operations.

• Troubleshoot stamping issues and employ the right solutions.

• Get the most out of automated business processes to better control contracts and work-in-process.

A reception with table-top exhibits will feature more than 20 companies displaying a range of products. In addition, attendees will learn about the latest innovations in the industry when the winners of PMA’s 2009 Awards of Excellence in Metalforming are announced during a dinner reception.

Visit to register online, or contact Deanna Nwosu at 216/901-8800,


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