Lube Systems, Conveyors, Press Guards

Saturday, March 1, 2008
Lube systems, conveyors, press guards
Pax Products, Inc., Celina, OH, displays its line of auxiliary pressroom equipment including stock/die lubrication systems, low-profile conveyors and die-door barrier guards.

Pressurized Pax lube systems provide a constant supply of lubricant to the nozzle, eliminating priming. They spray a range of viscosities and are adaptable to central lube systems while letting stampers extend die life, increase press speeds, reduce lube consumption and enhance the quality of finished stampings.

The company’s low-profile conveyors provide ruggedness needed to survive the rough stamping environment. And, Pax Die Doors provide an interlocked point-of-operation safety barrier and are designed to assist with containing die lubricants.


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