Demand-Flow Sheetmetal Fabrication, Assembly

Saturday, March 1, 2008
Hess Industries, Niles, MI, introduces its Demand Flow sheetmetal fabrication and assembly systems that manufacture families of parts for HVAC components such as A/C coil guards, base pans and tops; furnace doors, tops
Demand-flow sheetmetal fabrication assembly
and air-filter housings; and white-goods components—washer/dryer drums, wraps, refrigerator doors, etc. Benefits include product-mix flexibility, reduced tooling and labor cost, reduced inventory and work in process, and optimized floor-space use. A typical Demand Flow system incorporates programmable punching, piercing, forming, shearing and assembly stations to manufacture a family of parts, with changeover occurring seamlessly and on-the-fly.

Stop by its booth to discuss the HVAC featured system, which manufactures 17 different furnace air-filter housings on a single line.


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