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Servo Presses for Blanking, Forming

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Schuler Inc., Canton, MI, expands its range of metalforming equipment with the introduction of a line of servo-drive automatic blanking and forming presses. The presses are designed for press shops producing a variety of parts and using multiple die technologies. Available in standard sizes with press forces of 275, 345, 440, 550 and 690 tons, all presses feature a monoblock body and standard component modules, and can be operated as transfer- or progressive-die presses.

The presses feature a servo-drive design, in which the drive is connected directly to the eccentric gear, without clutch and flywheel. Drive speed can be freely programmed, making it possible to vary the movement and force characteristics during forming and adapt the slide curve to a specific application. As a result, the slide can be precisely positioned, slowed down during drawing or moved at a constant speed. This improves part quality and reduces die wear. Successful test runs for different applications also can be stored and quickly called upon for rapid changeovers. And the slide curve can be adapted exactly to the cycle of the press-automation equipment—a feature that can increase output.

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