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Shape Nesting for Tube and Pipe Cutting

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

SigmaTube cutting software SigmaTEK Systems, LLC, Cincinnati, OH, offers SigmaTube cutting software that supports the processing of round, square, rectangular or triangular tube and pipe, as well as structural materials such as I- and H-beams, C-channel and angle iron. Custom programs are available to fully maximize the advanced features of laser-cutting machines from Mazak, Trumpf, BLM, Bystronic, Amada and others.

The software operates seamlessly within the SolidWorks environment.

Says SigmaTEK product manager James Lindsey:

“Efficient nesting is achieved by calculating the best possible combinations based on actual geometry, while common-line cutting cuts shared edges at the same time, reducing time and pierce points.”

SigmaTek Systems: 513/674-0005;


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