David Anderson, Senior Director, Automotive Technical Panel and Long Products Program, Steel Market Development Institute
Eric Bragg, VP/Sales Engineer, TST Tooling Software LLC
Ray Proeber, President/Owner, Accurate Die Design Software, Inc.
Daniel J. Schaeffler, Ph.D, President, Engineering Quality Solutions, Inc. and Chief Content Officer, 4M Partners, LLC
Pete Ulintz, Technical Director, Precision Metalforming Association

David Anderson

David Anderson

Senior Director, Automotive Technical Panel
and Long Products Program
Steel Market Development Institute (SMDI)

David Anderson is responsible for leveraging his expertise to support the expansion of SMDI's Automotive Applications Council's (AAC), a consortium of major North American steel producers, into chassis and powertrain programs. He also serves as the liaison between the AAC and its partner organizations, and coordinates efforts to grow steel long products in the North American automotive/heavy-equipment and construction/infrastructure markets.

Prior to joining SMDI, Anderson worked for Rockwell International (currently Meritor) in Troy, MI, where he was responsible for purchasing bar, rod, plate and other steel components. He also held program-management responsibilities calling on major automotive companies. Before joining Rockwell, he provided technical services to the automotive industry for Inland Steel (currently ArcelorMittal USA LLC).

Anderson is on the board of directors for the Technologies Research Corp. (a division of National Center for Manufacturing Sciences), is a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Metallic Materials Committee and has authored technical papers published by SAE. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in metallurgical engineering from Michigan Technological University and a Master of Science degree in Metallurgical Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

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Eric Bragg

VP/Sales Engineer
TST Tooling Software LLC

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Ray Proeber

Accurate Die Design Software, Inc.

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Daniel J. Schaeffler, Ph.D.

President, Engineering Quality Solutions, Inc.
and Chief Content Officer, 4M Partners, LLC

Danny Schaeffler is founder and president of Engineering Quality Solutions (EQS), a consulting firm specializing in sheetmetal formability. EQS works with global automotive and nonautomotive OEMs and their suppliers, as well as steel and aluminum producers and their service centers. Most of its work addresses material selection/optimization, tooling buyoff, field formability analyses, manufacturing-process improvement and cost savings/avoidance projects. Schaeffler authored two chapters in the ASM Handbook, Volume 14B: Metalworking: Sheet Forming, and has been published in several industry journals. With his newly formed company, 4M Partners, which provides formability training, Schaeffler wrote and published Sheet Metal Forming--Engineering and Business Management. Schaeffler is a member of SAE International (serving on the Steel Sheet & Strip Specifications Committee), and is past president of the North American Deep Drawing Research Group.

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Pete Ulintz

Peter Ulintz

Technical Director
Precision Metalforming Association

Peter Ulintz has worked in the metal stamping and tool and die industries since 1978. He was employed by the Anchor Manufacturing Group in Cleveland, OH, for 26 years. His background includes tool and die making, tool engineering, process engineering, engineering management and product development. Peter speaks regularly at PMA seminars and conferences. He is also president of the North American Deep Drawing Research Group.

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