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 can be used to cut with
either or both oxyfuel and plasma. Design flexibility enables the SPC 1200 RB to be configured to multiple layout combi- nations, allowing customers to fit the machine to a variety of floor-space require- ments and logistical flows. The machine also has built-in fume extrac-
tion: When connected to a proper dust collector, it draws most fumes out, keeping the shop virtually smoke-free.
HGG Profiling Equipment:
resists such thermal breakdown.
The new housings on these sensors feature the same form factor as standard flatpack sensors, thus simplifying instal- lation. And, the sensors come equipped with additional features designed specif- ically for welding applications: diecast zinc housings combat adhesion of weld spatter; high-temperature silicone cable jackets protect conductors from weld- spatter burnthrough; LEDs in the connec- tors eliminate typical LED burnthrough on sensor housings; and weld-field-immune options are available for stable operation
BLM Group Debuts Tube-Laser Cutting Machine
near electrical welding currents.
BLM Group USA has launched LT7 Lasertube, a tube-laser-cutting machine. The machine features a 3-kW fiber laser that that allows for cutting of round, square and rectangular sections. Special sections and open profiles also can be processed. Loading chains can be extracted from the rear standard bundle loader within seconds, provid- ing the flexibility to load a single bar or open section quickly and simply. The loading and unloading systems also adapt to accommodate short and long parts via
 innovative tube supports.
Exclusive patented technical solutions include:
FlexArm, Inc. has introduced the FlexArm mobile tapping package, which allows operators to tap holes offline as a sec- ondary operation while primary production lines work on other parts.
• Active Scan—eliminates errors induced by distorted tubes
• Active Tilt—uses focus head movement to provide fastest processing
The comprehensive package includes the FlexArm GH-18-1 tapping arm with a tap capacity of #6 to 5⁄8 in., reach from 17 to 72 in., variable speed from 100 to 420 rpm, 360-deg. movement and a semi- automatic tap lubricator. Additionally, with a caster cart, power pack, tap stand and five tap holders, this hydraulic tool can be used wherever a 110-V electrical supply is available—no air needed. The setup offers rapid set-up times and significantly reduced tap breakage, making the FlexArm an ideal alternative to tapping holes man- ually or via CNC.
of small features
• Active Focus—provides error-free cuts regardless of material changes and thickness • Active Marking—offers dynamic part marking for complete production traceability
• Active Speed—ensures higher cutting quality on the most critical jobs
• Active Piercing—increases piercing speed and reliability even on inconsistent
material quality and thickness.
Two exclusive software programs enhance the versatility of the LT7 Lasertube. The
Protube monitoring system helps users to make accurate time and cost estimates based on processing time for an entire production batch.
Artube, a 3D CAD/CAM software allows users to move from a design idea to a part in one click.
Mobile Pneumatic Tapping Arm
 BLM Group:
Sensing Surface on Inductive Sensors for Welding
With weld-spatter burnthrough a constant challenge with inductive sensors in automated welding applications, Balluff has announced the new BES R01 series of inductive flatpack sensors. These feature an active sensing surface made from Fortron, a high-performance polyphenylene sulfide material that helps the sensors combat hostile conditions found in welding environments.
Typical plastic sensing face materials suffer from erosion and degradation due to repeated impingement of hot weld spatter. In such cases, the closer the sensor is placed to the welding electrode, the shorter the sensor's life expectancy, according to Balluff officials. The Fortron sensing face on these new flatpack sensors effectively
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