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                   After the Sale
Excellence in Service, Support and Training
AIDA-America Application and Customer Support
                       AIDA-America Servo Application Support
AIDA’s Servo Application Support is designed around the understanding that to fully realize the benefits servo presses can bring to your stamping operation, local training and on-going support serv- ices must be readily available from the press man- ufacturer. AIDA-America—located in Dayton, OH, USA—provides inhouse and onsite training for servo-press customers to help maximize the return on their servo-press investment.
AIDA-America has a team of application specialists who can evaluate part requirements, conduct forma- bility studies, provide servo press operator and pro- gramming training, and work closely with operations teams to implement production optimization.
As the leading manufacturer of servo presses in North America, covering the widest range of available models from 80 through 3500 tons, AIDA- America has extensive experi- ence in servo- press applica- tions support. A broad base of installations across varied industries results
in a high level of knowledge and understanding of how to partner with press users to meet or exceed production requirements.
AIDA-America Servo Application Support pro- vides a local resource and point-of-contact that takes a servo-press purchase past machine installa- tion and startup to the point of investment justifica- tion by addressing many of the challenges metal stampers face in their operations—such as improv- ing quality, integration or elimination of secondary operations, and increasing productivity.
AIDA-America Customer Service, Support, Parts, and After Market Solutions
AIDA-America takes a comprehensive approach to stamping-press service that is essential to pro- viding manufacturers with everything they need to
achieve maximum productivity. AIDA offers proac- tive maintenance inspections that can be cus- tomized to fit individual needs. Results are tracked year-on-year to easily see trends in the equipment’s condition, and dedicated follow-up support also is provided for any recommended parts or repairs.
If an unexpected issue should occur, AIDA’s com- plete drawing database; local, regional and global engineering resources and a company history of manufacturing, maintaining, servicing and support- ing presses and stamping operations for more than 100 years means that AIDA can provide customer service efficiently and effectively. Operators are prepared to speak with customers in need of assis- tance 24/7/365 at 937-235-3599 for service and 937-235-3588 for parts, another way that AIDA can provide support exactly when it is needed.
Keeping your presses and stamping operations in line with the latest in industry developments is simple, thanks to AIDA-America’s After Market Solutions group. From upgrading obsolete compo- nents and systems to delivering smart, engineered productivity improvements, AIDA has the knowl- edge and the tools to upgrade, refurbish and mod- ernize metalforming equipment for peak productivi- ty and stable, reliable production.
Quality and comprehensive support—that’s the AIDA difference.
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