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 Jeff Aznavorian President Clips & Clamps Industries Member since 1986
A female starting a business was quite the rarity in 1950s America. The fact that this business was a metal-stamping operation made such a pursuit even more unique. But that’s exactly what Jeff Aznavorian’s grandmother did when she founded Clips & Clamps Industries. To call her a pioneer is an understatement.
Now, more than 60 years later, Jeff carries on his grandmother’s pioneering spirit by remaining on the cutting edge of his industry, which he sees as essential to the growth and success of Clips & Clamps.
Through his membership with PMA, Jeff and his staff are able to align with others leading the way in metalforming. By connecting with PMA’s member companies, learning about new technologies and participating in educational programs, Clips & Clamps remains competitive and stays at the forefront of its industry.
For 75 years, PMA has served as a platform for pioneering leaders and their companies in the metalforming industry to connect, share ideas and grow their businesses. Contact Diana Novak, membership sales director, at 216-901-8800 or visit to find out how PMA can help you position your company and your employees for success today, and over the next 75 years.
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