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                                 “AMADA’s punch/fiber laser technology and Automatic Tool Chan- ger transformed our business. Now, we deliver parts in hours instead of days and at a lower overall cost.”
— Bob Du Fresne
The Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) stores up to 86 feet of precision tooling and can load even the most complex tool layouts within minutes — enabling Du Fresne to multiply their number of tooling setups per day.
Michael Rosenthal,Vice President of Operations (left) and Bob Du Fresne, President/Owner of Du Fresne Manufacturing Company
Opportunity Unleashed.
Du Fresne Manufacturing Company opened their doors in 1991 with the vision to be the supplier of choice in the precision metal industry. With facilities located in Vadnais Heights and White Bear Lake, MN, Du Fresne’s 90 employees operate from 70,000 square feet of combined manufacturing and assembly space.
Faced with the aftermath of two recessions, the ongoing threat of low-cost Chinese competition, and cutthroat pricing at home, Du Fresne Manufacturing needed a solution for survival. Company owner and President, Bob Du Fresne summed it up like this, “For the last 6 years, survival in the manufacturing battlegrounds re- quired a new strategy for achieving shorter lead-times, best market pricing, and maintaining our exceptional quality. With AMADA’s con- stant focus on innovation, our vision of lean manufacturing has been to leverage AMADA’s newest equipment to reduce setup time and eliminate or combine secondary operations. The LC 2515 C1 AJ
Punch/Fiber Laser Combination Machine and the HG 1003 ATC Press Brake with Automatic Tool Changer have greatly increased our business opportunities with both current and new customers.”
Vice President of Operations, Michael Rosenthal, put it in measurable terms, “Within the first month of operation, the HG ATC enabled us to increase our total number of bending jobs by 214%. Our average bending setup time on a conventional press brake took 35 minutes. Setup for the HG ATC is 3 minutes or less. The LC C1 AJ reduced setup time by 64% and reduced run time by nearly 50%. Sales and our workforce are both growing again. In addition, our team members gain invaluable experience as they work with the most technically-advanced equipment available. Investing
in leading-edge technology and our employees, has en-
abled Du Fresne Manufacturing Company to thrive again.”
 (Left to right) AMADA’s FOL 3015 AJ Fiber Laser provides the world’s fastest linear speed. Paired with AMS automation, the FOL AJ achieves unmatched productivity. The LC 2515 C1 AJ Punch/Fiber Laser Combination Machine features a 49-station Multi-Purpose Turret — enabling Du Fresne Manufacturing to cut, punch, form and tap on a single machine. An ASR NTK System ensures maximum flexibility to handle short runs and 24/7 production by providing automated material handling/storage, single-part separation, and sorting.
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