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                Metal-Scrap Shaker Systems
  Electric Shakers Replace Pneumatics at Radar Industries
When Radar Industries, Warren, MI, was acquired in 2014, it operated three stamping plants. Across them were 17 presses, ranging from 300 to 2200 tons, which stamped interior, chassis and powertrain components for the automotive industry.
When pneumatic shaker technology first appeared in the late 1990s, the com- pany deployed the systems to clear away scrap metal of varying sizes and shapes. However, the mounting costs associated with their maintenance and repair, which resulted in downtime ranging from 50 to 60 percent per shift, eventually became intolerable in plant operations. Not only was maintenance staff constantly responding to breakdowns, but production delays were affecting the company’s delivery schedules.
After careful evaluation of alternatives, the company replaced its pneumatic shaker systems with electric systems (from MPI). The electric shakers have elimi- nated the costly and disruptive downtime and operating expenses of the older pneumatic systems. And, aside from periodic inspections for infrequent scrap jams, the systems virtually are maintenance-free, which gives the maintenance staff time to focus on more important matters affecting plant operation.
of operating failures noted above, elec- tric shaker systems can provide years of trouble-free service. They also can deliver significant performance and cost advantages over their pneumati- cally driven counterparts. The advan- tages listed below can provide a com- pelling business case to make the switch.
Efficiency—By eliminating the dis- ruptions caused by the frequent maintenance and repairs required by pneumatic shaker systems, electric shaker systems can provide plant engineers an immediate and signifi- cant boost in plant efficiency. Waste- ful leaks in air tubing, which can run thousands of feet, also are eliminated, along with the need for air compres- sors, which can free up valuable plant floor space.
Reliability—Despite the harsh operating conditions that electric shaker systems are subjected to in metal-stamping plants, they’re designed, engineered and built to be
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extremely reliable. For example, many models avoid using seals and damping components that can require main- tenance and repairs. Pneumatic mod- els are more complicated, with more parts and assemblies that can break down.
Simplicity—Pneumatic systems require compressed air from compres- sors, often located far from the stamp- ing machine. The compressors, tubing and connections with the shaking sys- tems constitute a complicated infra- structure that requires lubrication, plus periodic and as-needed maintenance and repair. Electric shaker systems can operate virtually maintenance-free with longer service intervals and fewer spare parts.
Energy savings—Electric shaker systems use 71-percent less energy compared with a 3.4-cu.ft./min. pneu- matic system. Given the number of stamping presses in a plant and how long they run—assuming their scrap- handling systems run at the same time —the annual energy-cost savings from electric shaker systems can run in the tens of thousands of dollars, depending on local electricity costs. Less energy consumption also can translate into reduced carbon emissions.
Maintenance—Electric shaker sys- tems are virtually maintenance-free, enabling staff to focus on other main- tenance tasks. Pneumatic systems require regular lubrication of their air lines and seals to prevent leaks, and this maintenance must be conducted over the many thousands of feet of tub- ing typical in medium and large stamp- ing plants.
Flexibility—Electric shaker systems
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