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                       Strategic Selling Process is the Silver Bullet
       Company Strategy
Core capabilities
Competitive niche
Target Markets
Demand across markets
Target customers
Secondary customers
Customer filter tool
Sales Planning
Top clients strategy
Client plans
Talk to your customer
Market forecasts
Operations Planning
Capacity planning
Production scheduling
Labor planning
Capital planning
Pricing and Quoting
Quote tracking/ forecasting
Margin adjustment
Ask for work/ preference
Data Analysis
Hit rate by customer
Profitability by customer
Close loop to quoting
Weekly sales meeting
Ongoing metrics reviews
                             Fig. 2—The tool-and-die industry is cyclical by nature, and to help level out the effects of business peaks and valleys, companies must develop strategic sales processes. A successful sales process has these seven steps.
market data—along with direct inter- actions with the customer, enables companies to build out sales plans for target customers.
Establishing and implementing a sales process is a critical component
in leveling out business highs and lows. However, it is important to not lose sight of the need to maintain opera- tional efficiencies. To optimize prof- itability and avoid the trough, a shop must match demand (sales) with sup-
ply (operations). To do this, leadership must be committed to the process, invest in the resources needed for sales and operations, and utilize data to sup- port strategic planning and decision- making. MF
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