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                                  nonflammable gas mixtures containing less than 5 percent H2. This contributes to fire safety while optimizing the use of H2 in the process.
for Precision Forming, developing a tool and test method to directly compare stamping-lubricant performance prior to use in production.
metal blanks are used to evaluate lubri- cants to ensure the closest correlation to actual production conditions experienced in the field.
“Uses go beyond annealing,” adds Linde’s Grzegorz Moroz. “The control sys- tem can help optimize process efficiency and enhance productivity of sintering and brazing operations as well.”
Based on the time-tested cup-drawing process, Irmco’s iTool cup-draw process measures and compares frictional forces
Housed in a 300-ton Aida servo press, the iTOOL allows for exceptional repro- ducibility and control of test parameters and data collection, say Irmco officials. Irmco:
and deformation temperatures of one or
Materials & Coatings
more lubricants. Customer-supplied sheet-
   Vibro Transporters
Vibro Breezes Material Through Cramped Workplaces
Model 850
Model 450
Model 320
Model 250
Global Distribution
Oslo, Norway
The Vibro Model 450 Transporter has been the premier time-tested choice for over 30 years for its superiority in safety and efficiency. Due to its compact design, the 450 can move material in tight, cramped spaces where conventional belt conveyors just won't fit. Additionally, operating on only 0.4 cfm it can handle upwards of 125 pounds of material. These qualities make the Model 450 the clear, inexpensive alternative to conventional material handling systems that typically waste more energy than it takes to operate a
Vibro Transporter.
All Vibro models are made in the USA, are in stock, and are backed by a renewable two year warranty. This means that, when time eventually does take a toll, the Transporter can be completely rebuilt and re-issued with another warranty for two more years!
Contact us to receive your product line kit, or to locate the sales representative nearest you.
    GM Begins Testing New NanoSteel AHSS Grade
With an approximate tensile strength of 1200 MPa and 50-percent elongation, a new advanced high-strength steel from NanoSteel appears promising for auto- motive lightweighting initiatives. That’s why General Motors recently has initiated testing of the material, produced via a joint development program between NanoSteel and AK Steel Corp.
Here’s a Tool and Process for Performance-Testing of Lubricants
Irmco Stamping Lubricants, Evanston, IL, through a cooperative partnership with Bennett Tool & Die, Nashville, TN, has built upon the legacy of Dr. Taylan Altan at Ohio State University and its Center
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