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PDQ Setups
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No matter the application or layout, die-change solutions exist to shorten the time between last part and first part.
Rapid, efficient die change has been a boon to metalformers as part runs become shorter and part numbers grow. The ability to slash time from last part to first part keeps presses running and productivity soar- ing. Standard systems, for standard press-line layouts and standard appli- cations, are perfect candidates for quick-die-change systems.
But what about the nonstandard? Are you holding back on implementing or expanding this technology due to your unique production situation? Then it’s time for a reboot. Technology and knowhow exists for crafting sys- tems and components that replace dies quickly, accurately and safely.
Either way, custom or standard, sup- pliers have answers for metalformers’ QDC needs. See below for a few solu- tions, and look for more in future issues of MetalForming.
Simple-to-Operate Pneumatic Die Lifters
Air Glide heavy-duty pneumatic die lifters from Pacesetter Systems, Inc., Valen- cia, CA, are available with ball bearings for multidirectional movement or cylin- drical bearings for inline movement. The die lifters require only 40 lb. of force to move a typical 2,000-lb. die, according to company officials, reducing strain on employees while also reducing die-changeout time.
The lifters use standard shop air pressure and install easily in standard ANSI T-slots. With no internal air bags or bladders to corrode and crack, Air Glide rollers reportedly are more resistant than other pneumatic rollers to harsh chem- icals and lubricants used in metalforming. The lifters feature extra-large, precision- ground bearings and high-quality o-ring seals for lifting efficiency and durabili- ty. They are available from stock in sizes of 5⁄8, 3⁄4 and 1 in., in lengths to 72 in. Custom lengths and metric sizes are available.
Large-Capacity Die Cart
Big dies require added muscle to ensure safe, accurate and efficient transfer. The Titan 3117, from Green Valley Manufacturing, Inc., Mount Zion, IL, is a 30,000-lb.- capacity die cart featuring a DC-powered drive, lift, transfer and docking latch. It offers two-wheel drive and two-wheel steer, and has a low-friction roller deck. When coupled with the Titan 3118 storage rack and the Titan 3120 die splitter, it forms a complete integrated die-handling system.
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