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...and 2016 PMA Chairman-elect Ron Lowry is pledging to take matters (as they relate to the health of U.S. manufacturing) into his own hands. He vows, in this election year, to honor his New Year’s resolution to “complain less and do more,” and urges all metalforming-company executives to join him.
We caught up with PMA 2016 Chairman Ron Lowry, owner and president of Day- ton Rogers, at his newly opened metal- forming facility in Columbia, SC. Posing near the plant’s dozens of refurbished OBI stamping presses flanked by daugh- ters Stephanie (left, human resources manager) and Samantha (who works in customer service), Lowry says:
“What makes us successful is hiring the right people, and then taking a personal interest in their training and development.”
Dayton Rogers’ owner and presi- dent Ron Lowry is passionate when it comes to addressing the skills gap in American manufacturing. He would like to see manufacturers work together to fully understand the opportunities available to strengthen our workforce, and to create a plan to work more closely with educators and prospective employees.
As Lowry prepares to take over as chairman of the Precision Metalform- ing Association, he’s looking to drive home the critical role that manufac- turing plays in the overall health of the U.S. economy. “Manufacturing Matters” is his theme, and he looks to parlay that
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