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     Congratulations to PMA. You are an essential partner.
The Schuler team congratulates PMA on 70 years of excellence in supporting the metalforming industry.
As a global leader in metalforming technology, Schuler appreciates all that you do for the industry. From building relationships to advancing innovative ideas – we value our membership.
Forming the future.
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                          metal spinners; four-slide users; rollformers; tool and die shops with production presses; and suppliers of equipment, materials and services. These fields have common cus- tomers, common suppliers and similar legislative and regu- latory concerns. They shape the same type of materials by similar and related methods.”
Training Takes on a New Look
In 1988 PMA released its first video-based training sys- tem to train industry employees setting up and operating manually fed presses, and in 1989 a program was released for training on coil-fed presses. These have been followed over the years by training systems for setting and operat- ing press brakes and metal-spinning machines, as well as a Spanish version of the coil-fed training system, and an updated version (in 1999) of the coil- and manually fed sys- tems. Training systems have also been developed for safe- ty, dimensional variation, lock-out tag-out, and econom- ic literacy.
In 1993, PMA began work on creating a skill-standard credentialing system for all of the metalworking industry, which transformed itself into the National Institute for Met- alworking Skills (NIMS) in 1995. Also in 1993, the PMA Stamping Division launched its annual Automotive Parts Supplier Council meeting, which will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2013.
PMA’s Next Generation division formed as PMA president Gaskin acted on the vision of 2005 PMA chairman Dennis Keats, from Su-Dan Corp. The group was designed for up and coming leaders in metalforming. Activities of the division are open to anyone from a PMA member company who is con- sidered an emerging leader within their company. The group has recently formed a senior-level executive networking group for next-generation leaders, which will hold its first meeting in Nashville in June 2012.
In 2009, PMA attracted 14 women to its inaugural Women in Metalforming gathering at Fabtech in Chicago, IL. The group hosted a roundtable at the NTMA/PMA Annual Meet- ing in 2010, and in 2011 it executed a Partnering with Horses Leadership Program at the Pebble Ledge Ranch in Novelty, OH. In 2011 the group supported the first annual Women in Manufacturing event, held in October in Cleveland, which attracted more than 130 women manufacturing leaders who discussed best practices in manufacturing, mentoring, com- munication strategies and leadership.
Anticipating and Planning for the Future
At the conclusion of AMSA’s 30th anniversary historical look-back, editors wrote:
“We shall not write 30 to this history, because 30 means the end. We are too busy planning our 31st year and anticipating the programs of our 50th year.”
Well, I too will not put a number to this history, as PMA and MetalForming are too busy planning the 71st year and antic- ipating our 100th year. MF
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