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2010 an Excellent Year for Robotics Companies
In 2010, North American robotics companies posted their best sales year since 2007, according to statistics from the Robotic Industries Association (RIA), Ann Arbor, MI. Compared to 2009, unit orders from North American customers in 2010 climbed by 39 percent at a 49-percent increase in dollar value. Include orders from offshore customers and the numbers are even more impressive—a 52-percent jump in units and a 58-percent increase in value. Automotive-industry orders climbed by 34 percent over 2009 figures, and accounted for 51 percent of North American orders in 2010, while nonautomotive orders climbed by 46 per- cent, fueled in part by huge gains from the metalworking sector—up 90 percent.
Steel-Service Center Adds Third Robotic-Cutting Cell
AT&F Steel, Cleveland, OH, a steel- service center and provider of custom metal-fabricating services, has installed its third robotic-cutting system. The new setup boasts contour-beveling capabil- ities via a six-axis torch-wielding robot (plasma or oxyfuel) and a laser-guided camera system. Cutting speed peaks
at 300 in./min., with beveling from
0 to 60 deg. Cutting table: 13 by 50 ft.
Stamper Enters the Laser-Cutting Arena
New Bremen Machine & Tool Co., New Bremen, OH, has expanded its sheet- metal-fabrication business with the addi- tion of a Mazak Optonics Corp. NTX Champion 4- by- 8-ft. laser-cutting machine, along with Sigmanest parts-nesting software.
Cincinnati Inc. Opens Michigan Office
Grand Rapids, MI, is the new home of a Cincinnati Inc. sales and service team, to support the company’s cus- tomers in that area. The firm manufac- tures laser-cutting machines and load/unload systems, press brakes and tooling, shears and conveyor systems, and control and backgauge upgrades.
Grant to Prepare Engineers to be Entrepreneurs
Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) has received a $75,000 grant from the Kern Family Foundation to fund the sec- ond part of a program aimed at provid- ing engineers with entrepreneurial skills and experience. In the first phase of the program, WPI used a $50,000 Kern grant to create a new course titled Engi- neering Entrepreneurship and Innova- tion, as well as two workshops to teach
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