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 Ecoclean Universal 71C has pro- vided Thomas Erie the flexibil- ity and consistency it sought, including handling the “semi-clean” specification.
The machine’s intuitive control panel makes it easy
for the operator to program
any number of diverse cleaning cycles, so that, says Morphy,“changingprocess-
es takes just a few seconds and
a few taps on the touchscreen.”
And, adds Morphy, the machine provides consistent cleaning results throughout the workday. “We didn’t expect such a high level of consistency. We expected some degradation in the cleaning operation, but that has not been the case.”
Reduced Costs for Waste, Energy and Materials
Since installing the new cleaning system, operating costs for parts clean-
Thomas Erie sends millions of stamped aluminum components, such as these aerosol-can closures, through the dual work chambers of its new parts-cleaning system.
ing at Thomas Erie have dropped dra- matically—for cleaning fluids and elec- tricity. The former machine’s boiler
was, as Morphy puts it, “an ener- gy hog,” running continuously, 24 hr./day, even when the machine was not running. And, the firm no longer has to incur costs related to working with per-
Also contributing to cost
savings from the new clean- ing system: Thomas Erie reclaims and separates sol- vent from the stamping oil. Sol- vent used to wash the parts returns to the wash tank only after it has been separated from the oil through the distillation process, ensur- ing the use of pure solvent when wash- ing parts. Thomas Erie expects to fur- ther reduce waste costs by recycling the stamping oil back into the stamp- ing process. MF Article submitted by Dürr Ecoclean, Plymouth, MI: 734/459-6800;
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