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180 Amada Court • Schaumburg, IL 60173
Matt Smith – VP Sales of NSA Industries (left) and Brian Poirier – Capital Engineer Manager
“10-bend part with acute side angles and narrow flanges, 800 parts per day... Zero problems.”
— Matt Smith
Complex Bending. Simplified Profit.
Founded in 1982, NSA Industries began as a 3-man shop building garden carts in St . Johnsbury, Vermont . Today, as the largest metal fabrication, machining, powder coating and assembly operation in New England, NSA employs 400         ing as a contract manufacturer to a range of consumer and industrial customers.
          ing-edge technology and sustain consistent growth, NSA partnered with AMADA. NSA’s Vice President of Sales, Matt Smith, comments on the decision to partner with AMADA,          technology available, they know that we’re invested in their busi- ness. AMADA’s Robotic Bending Systems enable NSA to process any lot size or part mix (for small and large parts) with optimal 
HG 1003 ARs and EG 6013 AR Production-Enhancing Features:
• High-speed, high-precision, unmanned operation
• 7-axis bending robot
• Automatic tool changer and patented AMADA tooling
• Automated part sorting and stacking
• Ultra high-precision backgauge
• Automatic gripper changer
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The HG 1003 ARs is designed to handle sheets up to 39" x 31" and the system’s robot can support loads up to 44 lbs.
 The EG 6013 AR eliminates the need for human operation and the associated risk of dealing with   

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