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 Workforce development is top of mind for 2019 PMA Chairman Troy Roberts—for Qual- tek, for the PMA and the entire metal forming industry. Here, Roberts convenes a meet- ing to discuss how PMA’s online learning-management system, METALFORM EDU, will help Qualtek develop its workforce. Participating: HR director Lori Wise (closest to Roberts), metal finishing manager Anna Kroening and president Chris Fagnant.
company and employee objectives. It’s extremely important that each employ- ee understands how his performance impacts company objectives. Effective performance management ensures you have the right person in the right posi- tion. Success breeds success, and when everyone sees a properly executed plan working, they tend to pull in the same direction, and excellence results.”
Such was the philosophy instilled at Qualtek when Roberts took the reins in 2016. A vertically integrated metal stamping company, Qualtek supports its customers through inhouse expertise in tooling, stamping and metal finish- ing. Family owned for 50 years, current ownership took over in 2000 when Mary and Tony Fagnant purchased Qualtek from the Werschky family. Qualtek orig- inally manufactured parts for the early iterationofPCsfromIBM,HP,Compaq, Apple and others, all of which had fac- tories in Colorado Springs in the late 1970s and early 1980s.
In the ’90s, Qualtek shifted its focus to precision stampings, along with con- tinuing to develop its expertise in tool- ing design and build, and in chemical finishing processes including anodiz- ing, electro-polishing and passivation. Today, with Chris Fagnant as president, the company services a range of indus- tries, with a focus on aerospace and medical device. An early adopter of servo press technology (bringing in its first 150-ton Aida servo press in 2009
forming industry overall. PMA must lead in providing the industry with information to help them understand these challenges, and the opportunities to plan and react accordingly. Training and workforce development will play a vital role in enabling this transition.
“The bottom line,” Roberts adds, “is we must attract young people into our industry. Moving forward, PMA mem- bership, as represented by PMA’s board of directors, and PMA staff under David Klotz’s leadership, must define and cre- ate the role(s) it seeks to play in the evolving workforce development land- scape, effectively communicate these options with its membership, develop a strategic plan that reflects the direc- tion selected by membership, and then execute the plan. This ultimately will affect the association’s structure, and the products and services developed and offered, as well as its advocacy agendas at the federal, state and local levels.”
A Great Strategic Plan
Developing a great strategic plan and then creating a working environ- ment to execute the plan defines Roberts’ leadership style throughout his career.
“I believe excellence in an organi- zation starts with a great strategic plan,” he says, “that identifies your company’s current position and future targets 3 to 5 years out. The annual business- planning process should identify those annual targets and activities that will achieve the strategic plan on a step- by-step basis. Critical steps include developing a transparent working envi- ronment where company employees have access to performance metrics, as well providing a robust perform- ance-management system that links
 Introducing PMA President David Klotz
David Klotz became president of PMA on February 1, 2019. He has been involved with PMA as a member for more than 20 years, serving numerous terms on PMA’s board of directors, on its Executive Committee, as a founding member of its Next Generation networking group and as an officer of the East Michigan District. He also served as chair of PMA’s Tooling Division.
Professionally, Klotz most recently has been president of Tebis America, a developer of CAD and CAM software for tool, die and mold manufacturing. Prior to joining Tebis, he was senior manager of automotive and industrial mid-market for ERP-sys- tem provider Plex. And, earlier in his career, Klotz worked as a senior accountant and then vice presi- dent of finance and operations for coil-handling equipment manufacturer Dallas Industries.
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