Page 15 - MetalForming March 2019
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stamping press lines, previously only capa- ble of forming low-carbon steel, now can form stainless steel. Previously, running stainless would have created enormous yield losses and damaged presses, but because Optiform has a lower yield strength than typical 430 stainless, the trial runs reportedly completed without issue. Arcanum Alloys:
40-Ft. Tall University of Texas El Paso Monument Made Possible by
Direct Metals
Direct Metals, a steel service center with locations in Kennesaw, GA, and Waukegan, IL, recently provided the specialty metal products for the University of Texas El Paso’s massive Buried Pick monument. The monument called for 17 pieces of cus- tom-carbon-steel-perforated metal plates, complete with 1⁄2-in.-dia. holes on 11⁄16-in. staggered centers. The pickax sculpture is set on a steel and concrete base.
With dimenions of 40 by 25 by 12 ft., and with 31⁄2-ft.-tall letters on both sides
of the ax handle, the monument makes an impression given its location adjacent to a main parking lot. When night comes, the monument’s perforated letters, illu- minated in blue, add to the appeal. Direct Metals:

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