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                  Tech Update
Safer Cleaning System and Fluid for Stamped Parts
LCS Co., headquartered in a 60,000-sq.-ft. St. Paul, MN, plant, stamps ultra-thin precision electrical parts, laminations, drawn parts, shims, washers and gears for the industrial, automotive, aerospace, military and food-processing indus- tries. Part materials include steel, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, foil, gold and nickel.
sitioned to a new vapor degreasing machine from DGB Sales, using MicroCare Tergo MCF (Metal Cleaning Fluid). A distributor of Micro- Care cleaning fluids and sup- plier of vapor and aqueous degreasing equipment, DGB Sales specializes in the design and fabrication of D-line degreasers for parts cleaning.
The new machine and fluid enabled LCS Co. to improve worker safety by find- ing an alternate cleaning solution to trichloroethylene (TCE) industrial solvent; com- ply with environmental, health and safety standards; vastly
 Its president and CEO, Paul Stotts, looked to update conditions
and efficiency in the company’s
vapor degreasing department. He discussed options with Steve Schmidt, vice president, with a
focus on improving employee sur- roundings and the company’s impact
to the environment. No matter the decision, the company had to continue delivering cleaned, finished parts, free of manufacturing oils, to its customers.
10 MetalForming/March 2019
Minnesota precision stamper LCS Co. employs a new vapor- degreasing machine and environmentally friendly fluid to more safely and economically clean parts.
Schmidt contacted Dave Blackstone, owner of DGB Sales, Inc. in nearby Min- neapolis. After researching, LCS Co. tran-
reduce odors associated with the previous degreaser; and maintain compatibility between materials and cleaning fluid

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