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Hadley Group is an international manufacturer of cold rolled steel profiles used in the construction industry. They wanted to broaden their product offering and bring work in-house with CNC punching, but had limited experience with the process. Hadley had previously known about Mate Precision Tooling’s reputation for service and quality, and decided to contact Mate to learn more. “Before we entered turret punching the challenges we faced were great,” said Nathan Annand, Hadley Group Product Manager. “Everything from choosing tooling type, planning setups and runs, adjusting lengths, and maintenance, all had to be learned. Mate’s Craig Letty had the in-depth knowledge and experience we needed to overcome these issues. Ultimately, we decided Mate UltraTEC® fully guided tooling was the best solution for us,” said Mr. Annand. “Our move into turret punching has paid big dividends, quickly contributing to new products and higher product quality. It has also resulted in accolades and higher order volumes from our customers.”
Mate’s mission and promise to you: To personally respect, support and inspire sheet metal professionals around the world with high-quality precision tooling, laser accessories and services. 1-800-328-4492.

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