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 Gap-Frame Servo Press
Enables Process and Application Flexibility
Stamtec displayed its servo technology, including the iS1-series single-point gap-frame direct-drive servo press. Available in capacities from 88 to 330 tons, the series features Stamtec’s servo-motor-drive technol- ogy, where the standard elec- tric motor, flywheel and clutch/brake are replaced with a high-torque, low-rpm servo motor. Proprietary controls specifically designed for the press enable a variety of stroke lengths and slide movement profiles, while supplying full working ener- gy capacity even at low speeds. As a result, users have the flexibility to employ the press for drawing,
restriking, warm forming and other processes, and easily incorporate automation and various feed options, according to company officials.
Also, user-defined motion curves allow as many as 20 various segments in a cycle curve, defined by slide-position, speed and pause-duration parameters.
Servo Presses Benefit From Energy-Saving Electro-Hydraulic Actuators
Multipress offered FABTECH attendees insight into its Evolution series of servo-driven presses for applications to capacity requirements of 40 tons, featuring electro-hydraulic actuators. This design efficiently converts electrical energy to mechanical power, resulting in a cost-effective, compact package that only consumes power on demand, saving costly energy while remaining quiet during machine operation, according to company officials.
Sturdy press frames combine with hydraulic-hose-free design to prevent fluid escape, making the machines suitable for clean-environment manufacturing. Additionally, flexible programming allows metalformers to create and store pro- grams to reduce setup time. Applications including assembly, forming and stamping.
Advanced Servo Presses Demonstrate Near-Fineblanking
As fineblanked parts require precise control of slide motion, speed and material, Seyi-America demonstrated servo presses that are up to the task. Using 4-mm-thick
Domex 355 material, the company employed its SD1-176 servo press to produce such parts.
The company builds
direct-drive servome-
chanical presses in
capacities from 88 to
1760 tons, featuring sec-
ond-generation high-
torque/low-rpm servo
motors designed exclu-
sively for stamping.
These are mated with
fast-response controls
that allow for unique
control of slide speed,
position and direction,
according to company
officials. Capacitor-bank
energy storage report-
edly provides instant,
clean power to the press; eliminates surges on incoming supply power; and reduces overall energy consumption by as much as 40 percent as compared to a conventional press. Seyi-America, Inc.:
Servo Presses in Capacities to 4500 Tons, Plus Other Line Equipment and Controls
Nidec Press & Automation, through its Minster and Arisa presses, provided plenty for attendees looking into servo- driven presses in capacities from 63 to 4500 tons. On display, technology from Nidec Minster, which offers mid-range- tonnage mechanical and servo presses, including its FX2 and P2H-FX models as well as related automation equipment. In addition, Nidec Arisa designs and manufactures large servo and mechanical presses, with its engineering staff specializing in customized systems with unique transfer and material-handling solutions.
Nidec Press & Automation:
High-Speed Servo Feeds
P/A Industries showcased its latest high-speed servo- feed offerings: the Advantage SRF36 with Kinetix drive and the Mini 105. Both feature user-friendly touchscreens for simple setup and programming, according to company offi- cials, as well as texturized rolls for improved traction and jog-to-length. Feed mechanical assemblies are made from heavy cast frames, which are stabilized and then machined. Such design eliminates much maintenance, P/A officials say. User-friendly features include catenary, quick-release handles to adjust roller stock guides; exit support; transi- tion-mounting brackets; positive-pilot-release and other features for eased material insertion; and more.
P/A Industries Inc.:
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