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Servo Finds at FABTECH
  in a hand-crank, motorized or automated configuration. Also, Coe has released two new pull-through straighteners
that work in conjunction with the HD feeds.
Coe Press Equipment:
Low-Torque Presses Boast Compact Design, Flexibility
Eagle Press highlighted its low-torque (PELT and SELT) and high-torque (SEHT) series of servo-driven presses. The PELT and SELT low-maintenance, compact models are designed to interface with all conventional and robotic load- ing systems.
SEHT models enable maximum flexibility, according to company officials, via programmable stroke (pendulum), velocity and dwell profiles. The SEHT series uses high- torque/low-rpm servo motors along with an energy-man- agement system to optimize power consumption. All Eagle presses are custom-designed to meet user specifications and requirements.
Eagle Press America Inc.:
High-Speed Servo-Press Transfer Line
Komatsu had on display a high-speed robot-transfer press line featuring two of the company’s H1F 60 single- point servomechanical presses along with Orii RHN 120 two-axis robots. The best way to enhance such a line is to
control idle time between robot and press and increase transfer speed of robot, according to Komatsu officials, who note that synchronizing both robot and press motions using digital technology has proven best for highest performance. The presses at FABTECH ran at different stroke lengths and speeds while synched with the robot system. Komatsu’s servo presses feature slide accuracy and repeatability in microns and fully programmable slide velocity for optimum throughput. They reportedly offer three times more working energy in the die space but consume 30-percent less electrical power than conventional mechanical presses.
Komatsu America Industries LLC:
Fully programmable slide motion allows for optimized blanking and forming operations
Increased productivity using Pendulum motion
Direct drive technology with capacitor bank energy management system TonnageMonitoring,DieProtection,ProgrammableTimingSwitches,RemoteDiagnosticsareallstandard
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