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Remote Controls Enhance Portable Welding Machines

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Miller Electric has expanded its ArcReach remote-control technology to three additional machines for portable welding applications found in the construction, fabrication and shipbuilding markets: the XMT 350 CC/CV, XMT 450 CC/CV and Dimension 650 multiprocess welding power sources. ArcReach allows welders to adjust and set voltage at the point of use—the weld joint—without the use of control cords. This reduces downtime and improves safety by reducing exposure to tripping hazards, and lessening operator fatigue associated with walking to and from the power source. The technology also eliminates the need to settle for less-than-optimal welding parameters, which helps improve weld quality.

In addition to gaining point-of-use control, the new Auto-Bind feature of ArcReach automatically establishes communication between the power source and wire feeder, using the existing weld cables when the system powers up--no need to pull the trigger to establish the connection. The machine automatically selects the correct welding process based on polarity and indicates that polarity on the wire feeder.

Also, Miller now offers an ArcReach Stick/Tig Remote equipped with remote-control technology compatible with all three machines. The remote allows welders to set the amperage for stick and tig welding at the weld joint, again eliminating unnecessary trips to the power source to adjust welding parameters.

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