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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Strothmann Machines High-speed transferStrothmann Machines & Handling
Booth A2661

Learn from staff at the Strothmann Machines & Handling booth about the firm’s recent contract for press automation, touted as the largest ever for the Chinese market. The contract, from Shanghai Superior Die Technology Co., Ltd. and worth about 5 million euros, includes complete parts-handling capabilities, including a blank loader with fully automated tooling change; Strothmann’s new high-speed transfer (HST); and parts unloading at the end of the new tandem press line. Employing linear servo technology, the HST is based on Strothmann’s proven CompactTransfer, designed for press retrofits.

Siemens press-simulation software is used to determine the safest, most-efficient travel curve. At a 6-m distance between the press centers, up to 15 strokes/min. is feasible. The theoretical maximum acceleration is 25 m/sec.² in the horizontal axis and 15 m/sec.² in the vertical axis. The system is designed for blanks measuring up to 4100 by 2100 mm; rated payload is 120 kg (blank and tooling).


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