Automated Robotic Bending Cell

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Amada America Automated Robotic Bending CellAmada America Inc.
Booth B2503

Amongst the firm’s dazzling display of press brakes (including the new HG 1003 ATC servo-hydraulic model with automatic tool changer) and laser-cutting machines (including the LC 2515 C1 AJ punch/fiber-laser combination machine that features a 2-kW fiber laser and 49-station multipurpose turret), Amada booth visitors will discover the new EG 6013 AR robotic bending cell. It combines a servo-electric press brake with an advanced six-axis bending robot, ready to tackle small, complex parts while eliminating the need for human intervention and the associated risks of dealing with difficult-to-handle small parts.

Equipped with reportedly the world’s first twin-servo electric drive system, the EG 6013 AR ensures high-speed high-accuracy bending with lower power usage. Features include automatic angle measuring, offline programming, multiple part load/ unload stations and an automatic tool changer.

Completed parts can be stacked by the robot, placed in boxes or placed on a synchronized conveyor belt. And, the robot can change bending tools and grippers in addition to handling workpiece manipulation throughout the entire bending process.


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