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New AutoForm Release Enhances Digital Process Planning

Sunday, September 1, 2013

AutoFormplus R5 offers additional planning options and contains new, valuable features to support planning tasks for progressive-die stamping. These features enable users to easily define and visualize a strip concept and estimate material cost.

In addition, the process plan now can be edited directly on the geometry in the 3D view, which simplifies the process-modification process. Information and data created in the process plan are directly accessible in the AutoForm data file and able to be shared with other engineering groups. Propagating the full process plan downstream ensures consistency in the engineering process and accelerates advanced feasibility analyses.

AutoFormplus R5 also includes new tooling features, including enhanced die-face creation to support the definition of drawing and secondary operations. A new type of geometry modification enables the generation of well-defined preform geometries. And, enhanced flange-development options make it easier to consider subsequent trim and flanging operations during draw-die modeling.

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