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Pneumatic Assembly Press for Medical Apps

Sunday, August 1, 2010
AIM-Joraco, Smithfield, RI, introduces a medical-grade pneumatic toggle press that is being used to assemble heart-stent implants.
Medical-grade pneumatic toggle press
The Toggle-Aire model 1030 CSR-G2 has been customized to perform a crimping operation with a force-monitoring feature to provide strict quality control. Force-monitoring controls validate proper press operation and provide interrupts, alarms and the documentation required for ISO compliance. These process controls ensure manufacturing consistency from lot-to-lot and can incorporate a variety of display and signal-conditioning devices to meet specific customer requirements.

The press operates on 50 to 125 lb. of air pressure with a controlled squeeze of more than 6000 lb. at 100 psi.

AIM-Joraco: 888/889-4287;


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