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Monday, November 1, 2010
Ejector systemDesigned to combat troubles related to slug/part retention, Shed-It Co., Newburyport, MA, introduces the Shed-It ejector system—perfect for stamping soft materials such as aluminum, copper and Tbrass alloys. Traditionally, slug and part retention resulted in tight tolerances between punch and matrix of 5 percent per side or less, with a slight negative opening on the matrix. With the Shed-It, stampers can increase tolerances to as much as 10 percent per side. The result is less tool wear and more parts per sharpening. According to company officials, users have reported a 27 percent increase in throughput, a 46 percent decrease in the number of setups and a 6.2 percent reduction in tool-maintenance time.

Dick Greenleaf, the inventor of the Shed-It, has been using the Shed-It ejector system in his own factory—high-speed stamping company Crystal Engineering (also in Newburyport)—for more than 2 yr. During that time, he says, the system has surpassed 50 million press strokes without a failure.

Headed Shed-It units are used inside a punch, while the set-screw model is used in a knockout and with other similar applications. Simply remove the old pin and replace it with the patented Shed-It. The ejector also can replace the spring in a traditional spring and pin ejector—remove the old spring, cut to length and replace it with the Shed-It.

The ejector system comes in four different diameters, from 0.050 to 0.125 in. For larger punch applications, as many as three of the units can be incorporated into a punch. Control the length by snipping off the end after installation—it should protrude 0.040 to 0.070 in. beyond the face of the punch.

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