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PM Steel Battles Persistent Tool-Wear Problems

Monday, June 1, 2009
Bohler-Uddeholm Corp., Elgin, IL, introduces Uddeholm Vancron 40, a powder-metal tool steel offering low friction properties and excellent resistance to galling and adhesive wear. In cold-work applications such as the forming of advanced high-strength steels, as well as stainless and mild steels, galling and adhesive wear often are the dominating tool-failure mechanisms. This also can be the case in powder compacting, cold extrusion, deep drawing and blanking.

Typically, metalformers increase galling resistance of their tools by investing in nitriding the tool or by applying surface coatings such as CVD or PVD. Vancron 40 eliminates these processes. The steel is alloyed with nitrogen, which creates an integrated surface coating and a tool surface with very low friction that improves a tool’s resistance to galling or cladding and adhesive wear.

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