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Laser-Cutting System Boasts Numerous Automated Features

Wednesday, April 1, 2009
Mazak Optonics Corp., Schaumburg, IL, introduces
Laser-Cutting syste boasts numerous automated features
the HyperGear 612 2D laser-cutting machine, which combines intelligent automation features with high cutting speeds. The machine includes automated torch changer and nozzle changer, CCD-camera-based nozzle-damage analysis and automated lens analysis and focal-point measurement and adjustment—to maintain optimal cutting conditions and improve productivity while minimizing labor costs.

The new Preview II controller includes patented CNC features to anticipate corners and adapt cutting parameters to maintain tolerances. It utilizes elliptical movements and other intelligent functions to deliver fast part production.

The HyperGear 612 is available with 2500- and 4000-W laser resonators, with a 79 by 158-in. bed. A smaller 510 model also is available with a 60 by 120-in. bed. Automated material-handling equipment designed for the efficient processing of sheetmetal and plate helps to increase throughput.

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