PMA and OSHA Develop Industry Safety Posters

Friday, August 1, 2008
Through its alliance with OSHA, PMA has developed four industry safety posters on personal protective equipment, back injuries, machine guarding, and slips, trips and falls. The posters were sent to manufacturing companies. Additional posters are available free of charge by contacting Christie Carmigiano at 216/901-8800,

Through the OSHA alliance, PMA also has developed ergonomics and mechanical power-press checklists that either one person at a metalforming facility or a full safety committee can use to evaluate and identify issues in the plant. A useful reference section is included at the end of each checklist to offer additional resources related to the topic.

PMA’s Safety First training program for first-day-on-the-job training will be updated and converted to DVD format. It will be distributed to all members free of charge. For more information about PMA’s alliance with OSHA and downloadable versions of the safety posters and checklists, visit


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