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High-Speed Position Feedback for Industrial Ethernet

Tuesday, July 1, 2008
The Temposonics R-series Ether-Cat sensor from the Sensors Division of MTS Systems Corp., Cary, NC, is a high-speed networking solution based on industrial Ethernet technology, and provides rapid rates of data transmission and communication in industrial settings where high speeds are necessary for complete factory automation. The sensor enables high-speed data transfer between network devices and the controller, and also can synchronize to accurate clock signals, enabling high-speed deterministic control.

An open standard, EtherCAT is frequently chosen by MTS customers employing large automation systems that require motion control. The sensor has been implemented in process-control systems that see reaction times as fast as 100 µs. In addition to facilitating shorter cycle times and high-speed network communications, EtherCat enables processing data packets on the fly rather than requiring additional hardware.

The EtherCAT sensor is available for use with one to five position magnets depending on the particular network, and can be customized to document position, velocity, acceleration and other customer-specific functions. Features include position resolution accurate to 1 µm, speed to 0.2 mm/sec. and sensor update time of 100 µs independent of stroke. The R-series EtherCAT sensor also includes a built-in nonlinearity correction option for position accuracy as low as ±0.02 mm.

The sensors are available in the model RH (rod-style) application housing, capable of hydraulic or pneumatic in-cylinder operation (5000 psi continuous/10,000 psi spike) and rated for IP 67 operation for stroke lengths to 7.6 m. It also is available in the model RP (profile-style) housing, convenient for mounting to machine surfaces via mounting brackets, and rated for IP 65 operation at stroke lengths to 5 m. Optional polyurethane cables are available in both configurations for increased flexibility and durability at extreme temperatures.

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