Servo-Controlled Gap-Frame Press

Saturday, March 1, 2008
Servo-controlled gap-frame press
Aida-America Corp., Dayton, OH, will display its mechanical-press technology, which includes gap-frame, straightside, progressive-die, high-speed, transfer, ServoPro servoforming and cold-forming units in capacities from 30 to 4000 tons running at speeds from 15 to 2500 strokes/min., as well as press automation and turnkey packages.

Examples of Aida systems also will be available via customer production video.

Highlighted is the company’s NC1-110 gap-frame press equipped with ServoPro, which provides infinite control of slide position within microns—something unattainable with hydraulic or conventional press equipment

Aida recently has expanded its North American headquarters to include large-part fabrication and added a new 150-ton crane, allowing the company to fabricate, machine and assemble larger presses, from 1000 to 4000 tons.


See also: Aida-America Corporation, A Subsidiary of AIDA Engng LLC

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