New Metal-Spinning Machines

Saturday, March 1, 2008
Leifeld Metal USA Metal Spinning, Colorado Springs, CO, offers four of its S-version metal-spinning machines. The machines are equipped with stronger headstocks, tailstocks, motors and slide power. For example, the company’s PNC 125 S spinning machine
New metal-spinning machines
with combined playback and CNC control can form materials to 1 in. thick with a maximum blank diameter of 98 in. All Leifeld spinning machines can be outfitted for hot forming and/or water-cooled forming.

For 2008, Leifeld has enhanced its playback/CNC control and many other machinery components, which the company will introduce during the show. In addition, the company will have information on its flowforming machines and tube-necking and -closing machines, particularly for forming wheels, high-precision tubes and cylinders of all types.


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