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Pneumatic Die Lifters for T-Slots

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

PFA pneumatic die-lifter rails PFA, Inc., Germantown, WI, has developed pneumatic die-lifter rails for use in standard ¾- and 1-in. T-slots. Designed for quick-die-change operations, the rails come in an unlimited variety of lengths and provide a low-cost, easy-to-order and simple-to-install option in standalone or integrated applications.

PFA’s wide (1.000 in. at neck) and narrow (0.800 in. at neck) pneumatic die lifters (with cam rollers) offer a lift capacity of 2600 lb./ft. per pair and 1800 lb./ft. per pair respectively, at 85 PSI shop air. The lifter rails fit in slots as shallow as 1.250 in.

Using shop air eliminates the need for hydraulics and the associated complexities of adding hydraulic systems to the press. Actuate the lifters using either simple hand-operated air valves or electronically operated valves integrated with other press controls.

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