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Hydraulic Turret Press Punches Thick Sheet

Tuesday, July 1, 2008
The new X5 hydraulic turret punch press from Finn-Power International, Arlington Hts., IL, provides 23 metric tons of punching force to fabricate sheet sizes as large as 50 by 100 in. with material-thickness capacity up to 0.32 in.
Hydraulic turret press punches thick sheet

The X5 has a robust welded O-frame, which ensures perfect tool alignment when using full tonnage or during nibbling.

The X traverse is 101.7 in., so 50 by 100-in. sheet can be processed without repositioning. The work area can be expanded in the X direction by automatic repositioning.

The auto-index system is rigidly built into the upper and lower frame of the press—no gearboxes are built inside of the turret. The design allows an operator to add or change the index or Multi-Tool stations when necessary.

Dies in the Finn-Power turret are supported during the punching cycle by a die support anvil that directs the punching force into the frame of the machine. The upper and lower turrets are machined together as a set to ensure permanent, perfect alignment.

The turret has 20 tool stations —17 tool holders are specified, and three are free for customer selection. The turret includes 29 tools as standard, expandable by adding Multi-Tool stations. Maximum tool diameter is 3.5 in.

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