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March 27, 2019

Wednesday, March 27, 2019
centerline engineering
Time-Lapsed Installation of Big Press for Die Tryout at Centerline Engineering
Check out this time-lapse install of an Eagle 2500-ton press at Centerline Engineering, used for die tryout. The April issue of MetalForming details how Centerline and others use die design and simulation software to create tooling that works from the first hit. Look for more in the May issue.
Heyco Metals
Since 1969, Heyco Metals has rolled out high-precision, light-gauge coil and strip. Now celebrating its 50th anniversary, the company excels in copper, copper alloys and stainless steel as it continues a proven commitment to pristine surface quality, short lead times, exact specifications and unparalleled value for customers.
New Era of Flexible, Scaled Manufacturing Enabled by New Tools
A historical look at manufacturing gives way to a discussion via the World Economic Forum (WEF) on how the information age is transforming the industry, and a look at the IoT and Industry 4.0 tools enabling this transformation.

“Today’s product line will not run indefinitely,” reads an article from Tulip Interfaces posted to the WEF site. “Products, and the systems that build them are constantly adapting. There is no static optimal state of interrelated manufacturing subsystems. Rather, it is a system that is constantly adapting in response to its environment. The optimally efficient target that manufacturers continuously seek shifts daily.”
Get a Handle on IoT at New MetalForming Event
IoT for Manufacturers: Software, Sensors and Controls, June 24-25 in Cleveland, OH, promises to educate floor supervisors, manufacturing engineers and managers, IT directors, and others working in small to midsized metal forming and fabricating plants on the coming wave of digital manufacturing and plant-floor connectivity. Attendees will learn from a growing list of expert speakers on ERP/MRP software, sensors and machine controls, while benefitting from myriad case studies describing how IoT improves OEE while driving quality and productivity improvements.
2019 AMUG Conference
The AMUG Conference provides a unique additive manufacturing experience. Designed to facilitate information exchange between AM users, the conference brings together individuals of all experience levels that wish to do more with AM. What makes the AMUG Conference different is the openness of attendees and their willingness to share. March 31 to April 4, 2019.
Industry 4.0 in Action: 5G Communication Pays Off
In manufacturing, 5G communication networks are making a difference, as CNN describes in a visit to a factory machining metal engine disc blades.

“The speed and reliability of 5G networks means that there is virtually zero latency, or lag time, between devices and the servers they communicate with,” reads the report. “And that's what makes the technology so useful to manufacturers.
Women in Manufacturing Announces April Conjoined Events
In response to the popularity of its SUMMIT national conference, Women in Manufacturing (WiM) has created PEAK regional events, with PEAK North slated for April 15 at The Henry in Dearborn, MI.  The event includes presentations and plant tours.

Following PEAK North on April 16, the 8th annual Women in Automotive (WiA) Northern Conference will commence with educational programming and keynote presentations geared toward automotive professionals. Learn more about the WiA Northern Conference and how to bundle both conferences.
Automotive Parts Suppliers Conference
APSC is right around the corner!
The conference schedule is jam-packed with expert speakers discussing important topics ranging from government policies to material updates. With the automotive industry evolving rapidly, APSC is a can't-miss event for automotive suppliers.

The Annual Automotive Parts Suppliers Conference is designed specifically for automotive suppliers and provides educational sessions, networking and group discussion on the latest advancements and outlook for the automotive industry. Conference presentations include:
    •    Industry Outlook
    •    Government, NAFTA and Trade Policies
    •    Automotive Materials and Lightweighting Update
Brunk video
Servo Presses Drive Success at Brunk Industries
Lars Brunk, president of this Lake Geneva, WI-based supplier of stampings and assemblies for the medical-device industry, takes us inside his plant as he discusses Brunk’s partnership with Minster, provider of the company’s servo presses.
Made in America
Inaugural Made in America Exposition Set for Indy in October
Made In America 2019, created by Inc., is publicized as an event solely focusing on U.S. manufacturing and products made in the United Sates, and will take place in Indianapolis, IN, October 3-6, 2019. Planners expect more than 800 exhibitors and 10,000 attendees, and state one overall goal: raising awareness for the economic, environmental and community impact of American manufacturing.
Attend EASTEC 2019, May 14-16 – Register for Free Today!
EASTEC is the largest Northeast manufacturing technology event. This is the place for New England manufacturers to investigate and learn about the latest advanced manufacturing equipment, including 3D printing. Engage first-hand with more than 700 world-class companies to explore 3D printing technologies. Register today and attend EASTEC, May 14-16, 2019.
PMA Online Program a Recipe for Overcoming Skills Gap
PMA’s METALFORM EDU, an online training program designed specifically for the metal forming industry, offers more than 550 courses.
Hot Off the Press
METEC 2019
The Bright World of Metals
As the leading international trade show for metallurgy, steel casting and steel production, METEC 2019 provides a complete overview of the latest innovations in the sector, presented by over 500 exhibitors from 30 countries to more than 17,000 visitors from around the globe. Congresses complement the exhibits. 
March 2019
March 2019
Press Controls—What's Next?
Plenty. The latest offerings promise oversight of presses, feeds and other line equipment; make servo-driven presses even more capable; provide networking; and more.

Lasers Cut It for Home Decor Leader
To keep up with soaring customer demand, this maker of fabricated wall art finds lasers to be the answer.
Upcoming Issues
April: Mechanical Presses, Stamping High-Strength Steels, Hot Stamping, Laser Welding, Arc Welding
May: Press-Line Automation, Press-Line Sensoring, Waterjet Cutting, Automated Storage, Loading/Unloading, Resistance Welding
June: Press Feeds, Mechanical Presses, Aftermarket Service, CNC Punching & Tooling, Arc Welding



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