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July 26, 2017

Wednesday, July 26, 2017
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July 26
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Wisconsin Reportedly Lures Huge Foxconn Plant

Taiwan-based Foxconn Technology Group reportedly has selected Wisconsin as the U.S. location of a $7 billion manufacturing plant, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The company, which produces Apple's iPhone and Microsoft's Xbox, is expected to create anywhere from 5000 to 50,000 jobs at a new plant along with drawing supplier businesses, and Wisconsin has put plenty on the table to entice it.

"A plan to bring a massive Foxconn Technology Group plant to Wisconsin could cost $1 billion to $3 billion in local, state and federal incentives over coming years—a stunning sum for a project that backers say could transform the state's economy," reads the article. "An incentive package that reaches into the billions would be unlike anything Wisconsin has offered in the past and would require approval from state lawmakers."

The Strongest, Safest, Most Durable Coil Racking on the Market

Dexco Coil Racks get your sheet coil off the floor and out of harm's way with generous vertical storage capacity on high-strength shelves with secure customized cradles. Take advantage of organized, easy access, increased floor space, reduced material damage, and improved worker safety with Dexco Coil Racks.

WESTEC: Your technology hub!

A showcase for global technologies and exhibitors, WESTEC 2017 ultimately provides you with the newest ideas to improve your operations and increase your profits. More than 500 leading manufacturers are waiting to show you the latest machining, metrology, design, digital, 3D printing and engineering innovations. Register for WESTEC 2017.
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Today's News

American Punch Begins Construction on Plant Expansion

MetalForming Everywhere App Features All Magazine, Website Content Launches Buyer-Rating System

OH Manufacturers Form Apprenticeship Program

Alumitech—Cutting, Forming and Joining Aluminum—Secrets to Success

MetalForming magazine is proud to be hosting Alumitech, a brand new program specifically created for metalformers and fabricators to discover the best practices to successfully cut, form and weld aluminum sheet and plate. This one-day program, taking place in Cleveland, OH, will address topics such as lubrication, tooling specification, and welding procedures and techniques. For the complete program agenda, list of presenters, hotel details and online registration, view the event webpage.

3D Printing For Jigs, Fixtures & Prototypes

MetalForming magazine will host 3D Printing for Jigs, Fixtures & Prototypes in Cleveland, OH, on September 7. This event will provide attendees with a deep understanding of how 3D printing is being used in metalforming and fabricating operations, and techniques to improve your design and production of jigs, fixtures and prototypes. For complete agenda, speakers and registration information, visit the event webpage.

Failed Drug Tests Testing U.S. Manufacturers

Potential workers failing drug tests has been noted as a problem by The Federal Reserve in its recent Beige Book economic surveys, with opioid abuse a factor that hampers labor participation by those of prime working age, according to Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen. That troubling news is forwarded in an article at

"But the abuse of prescription opioids and growing use of marijuana is being felt especially in the manufacturing sector, where up to half of applicants for good-paying factory jobs in the upper-Midwest rust belt fail their drug tests," reads the article, citing a report in The New York Times. "Untold others don't apply because they know they will fail."

Deadline Extended: Nominate Women of Excellence in Metalforming and Fabricating 2017

Once again in 2017, we are looking for women in leadership positions or on the shop floor, those who represent dedication to their company and the industry, and demonstrate excellence in meeting their workplace responsibilities.

MetalForming magazine is seeking nominations for its 2nd Annual Women of Excellence in Metalforming and Fabricating section, to run in the November 2017 issue. The section will feature and honor those selected as a means to recognize and promote the importance of women in the metalforming and fabricating industries.

Nominees should be employed by a manufacturer of metal parts and components or a supplier to the industry. Winners from 2016 are ineligible, but previous Honorable Mention recipients can be nominated. Fill out the form ASAP as the nomination deadline is August 11. Please nominate only one person from your company.

3D Metal Printing Experience and Tech Tour

Attend the 3D Metal Printing Experience and Tech Tour in Chicago, IL, on August 16-17. Presented by 3D Metal Printing magazine, attendees will be able to interact directly with industry experts, learn about the latest technology developments and hear case-study applications. Access the agenda, speakers and registration here.

Prepare for 2018 by Attending the Manufacturing Sales and Marketing Summit!

Join us in Milwaukee, WI, on September 26-27 for an event to stay relevant and continually re-learn your craft. Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned pro, you will walk away with new insights, skills and connections to help grow your business.
July 26, 2017
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Controls: Don't Disable

Investing in press and line controls leverages high technology to monitor, operate and optimize presses and entire lines. But the investment is wasted when users--and there are plenty--turn off key control functions or inputs.

Upcoming Issues

August: Servo-Press Technology—Case Studies, Press Feeds, Laser Cutting

September: Quick Die Change, Hydraulic Presses, Press-Brake Forming

October: FABTECH Issue, Welding, Software for Manufacturing

Check Out This Popular Procurement Program!

Sourcing Solutions takes place on September 28 in Milwaukee, WI. This event brings together buyers and suppliers of fabricated metal parts, metal stampings, tooling and dies, assemblies, and more. Save time and money by having several meetings all in one day, in one location.

The 2017 Servo Technology Experience is Coming—Register Today!

Are you ready for the 2017 Servo Technology Experience, presented by the Precision Metalforming Association (PMA) and MetalForming magazine? Aimed at engineers and technicians working in metalforming plants, this comprehensive program will provide technical presentations describing how modern servo-based equipment can help stampers improve productivity and quality. Visit the event website for a complete program agenda, a list of speakers and to register for the event.
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