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January 11, 2017

Wednesday, January 11, 2017
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January 11, 2017
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Manufacturing Leaders Finding Value in Mobile Technologies
Among the highlights from a PriceWaterhouse Coopers annual survey of manufacturing-company CEOs: 86 percent believe that mobility is essential to creating and sustaining a competitive advantage. The report, summarized here, describes five ways in which real-time mobile apps help to streamline manufacturing. Among them: Being able to answer, "When will my order ship?" anytime, anywhere on any device, and the ability to integrate compliance inspection and quality assurance with CRM and ERP systems, to make data and reporting available companywide.


Epicor Helps Customer Grow Revenue From $25–300 Million

Big Ass Solutions makes innovative fans and lighting products. In addition to expanding product offerings over the past 10 years, the company has grown their revenue from $25–300 million. Visit to hear how Epicor ERP drives the processes and insights that have enabled the manufacturer's growth.
PRAB's ScrapVeyor™ Eliminates Carryover and Maintenance Nightmares!
PRAB's ScrapVeyor keeps your process running smoothly. Our exclusive design conveys your press scrap from under the bolster, and elevates with no carryover – minimizing maintenance issues and equipment downtime. The liquid-tight housing also ensures safety by eliminating any oil spills on the plant floor.
More Space in Press Rooms with Compact Coil Lines for Heavy Duty Applications
ARKU CompactFeed® coil lines save up to 60% of space compared to coil lines with a loop and pit. You get more bang for your buck due to fewer components. And you can process all types of materials, including AHSS and handle up to 1/2 inch thick material and more.
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> Atlas Technologies Expanding Die-Storage System for Wolf Appliance
> Authoritative Brazing Resource Now Online
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> TN Fabricator Adds Waterjet Cutting, Expands Business
You Ought To Know...
> Video: Tricked-Out Robotic-Welding Cell Fabricates Railway Assemblies
This 2-in. 37-sec. video, produced by Valk Welding B.V., the Netherlands, documents a robotic arc-welding installation used to assemble railway components. The cell comprises an 18-m-long track, three welding stations and two arc-welding robots.

Filmed from varying angles, including overhead, the video highlights the cell's material-handling wizardry, performed by a drop-center manipulator and an L-shaped manipulator. Also on display: touch-sensing technology for weld-joint locating.

In This Issue:

> Optimizing Transfer-System Motion—The Money is in SPM
Simulation of transfer-press motion only to verify interference-free processing isnt good enough. Stampers should aim to optimize motion curves, following the advice offered here, to eke out additional strokes/min. (SPM) from their transfer presses.

> A New Game in Town: What to Expect from Washington, D.C.
The election of Donald Trump, backed by a Republican majority in Congress, promises a decidedly different course of action by the U.S. government. Read on to see what may be in the offing.
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