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December 21, 2016

Wednesday, December 21, 2016
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December 21, 2016
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NADA Chief Economist:
Growth in Light-Truck Sales to Offset Soft Car Sales
The Huffington Post offers up this look ahead at the automotive industry in 2017, courtesy of the annual forecast issued a few weeks ago by the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA). Among the highlights: NADA chief economist Steven Szakaly predicts 2017 sales of 17.1 million vehicles, down from the expected 17.4 million by the end of 2016, confident that the U.S. auto industry will remain steady, yet experience the end of its 6-yr. growth spurt.


"On the other hand, though, Mr. Szakaly expects growth in the sales of light trucks," the article notes, "which will offset declines in soft car sales and raise the average vehicle transaction price. The key is to keep prices from rising too high so as to not disincentivize purchasing."

Here's the article.

Dexco Tool & Die Racks

Dexco Structural Tool & Die Racks are engineered to handle loads in excess of 80,000 pounds per level and provide more than 40' of vertical storage. Custom designs are available to accommodate a wide variety of tooling. Wide flange beams deliver greater strength and durability as compared to roll-formed steel. Learn more at
More Space in Press Rooms with Compact Coil Lines for Heavy Duty Applications

ARKU CompactFeed® coil lines save up to 60% of space compared to coil lines with a loop and pit. You get more bang for your buck due to fewer components. And you can process all types of materials, including AHSS and handle up to 1/2 inch thick material and more.
Bunting Magnetics Tackles Tough Conveying Jobs with the Magslide™ Beltless Conveyor
MagLiftBunting® Magnetics Co., the leader in moving, removing and holding metal, has designed the MagSlide® Chip and Parts Conveyor to handle the toughest magnetic conveying jobs. Materials that punish traditional belted and steel-hinged conveyors –oily parts, jagged scrap, and other abrasive materials— are easily and effectively transported with the company's MagSlide®. Learn more at
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> Keats Opens Stamping Plant in Queretaro
You Ought To Know...
> Lightweight Vehicle Manufacturing Summit on the Horizon
On February 22-23, 2017, Detroit, MI, will host the 4th edition of the annual Global Lightweight Vehicle Manufacturing Summit. On the agenda: a full conference program covering advanced joining, forming and surface-treatment technologies, as well as an exhibition area where visitors can spy the latest in lighweighting technology.

As a lead-up to the event, a series of five interviews with executives at General Motors, Ford Motor CO., and Deere & Co. has been posted to the conference website. In one interview, GM's John Catterall, GSSLT (global sub-system leadership team) leader, underbody structure, discusses his expectations for increased use of lasers in manufacturing, in particular for additive manufacturing. And in another interview, Ford's Raj Sohmshetty, group leader --advanced steel technology, Manufacturing Research Department, R&A Engineering, discusses recent projects undertaken by his research team, including a look at ways to improve material utilization in stamped assemblies, and projects looking at third-generation advanced high-strength and press-hardenable steels.

Read the interviews—all quick one-page reads—here.

New Products
The latest in metalforming and fabricating products and technology. > North American Debut of Amada's New Robotic Bending System
> Nonferrous Circular Saw Proves Easy to Program
> Automate a Piranha Ironworker
> Angled Flap Discs for Grinding in Hard-to-Reach Places
> 8- and 10-kW Fiber-Laser Cutting Machine

In This Issue:

> Press Brakes Loaded with Bottleneck-Buster Technology
High-speed cutting equipment challenges downstream fab-shop operations to keep up. Stepping up the pace at press-brake cells are new features such as automated tool changes with on-board tool storage and on-screen setup instructions for operators.

> Die Build Simplified
Through innovative use of die-face-design software, Autodie can quickly and economically engineer and construct auto-panel tools.
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