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April 27, 2016

Wednesday, April 27, 2016
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April 27, 2016
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Manufacturing Barometer Foretells Growth, Albeit Somewhat Slowed
PwC has released its April Manufacturing Barometer, a quarterly business-outlook report. Among its findings: Most manufacturers surveyed (72 percent) forecast revenue growth for 2016, but only at an average of 3.7 percent during the next 12 months.

The 31-page downloadable report provides data on plans to hire (blue- and white-collar workers, across all skill levels and management spectrums); and plans to make capital investments and increase operational spending--in areas such as R&D, IT, and marketing and sales.

Take a look.

Consistent Stock-Lubrication Systems
Nordson EFD's MicroCoat® system uses LVLP (low-volume, low-pressure) technology for precise, consistent lubrication of stock or dies. Get precise, exact coverage, extended tool life, and up to 85% oil savings. See what MicroCoat users have to say.
Need to Automate a Repetitive Process?
Tell us about it and enter the contest to win a collaborative Universal Robot! Maybe you have difficulties staffing the night shift; need better quality control and consistency - or simply need to optimize your production to get ahead. Fill out a quick questionnaire and get in the game.
Parker’s Advanced Diagnostics Solution for Metal Forming and Fabrication
Machines and hydraulic tools used in metal fabrication require exact working conditions to maintain optimal performance and product quality. With Parker’s SensoNODE Blue sensors and SCOUT Mobile software, users can diagnose and track issues related to pressure, temperature, and humidity in real-time, and address issues before they escalate.
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> Today's News
> Weld-Ed Announces Welding-Training Workshops
> Sko-Die Buys Fineblanker and Stamper Harig Mfg.
> Lee Spring Acquires Clark Spring & Manufacturing
> Bodycote Earns First European MedAccred Accreditation
You Ought To Know...
> Forbes: Here’s How Manufacturers Use 3D Printing
to Gain a Competitive Edge
Nearly three-quarters of all manufacturers (71.1 percent) already have adopted 3D printing, for prototyping or for manufacturing final products, more than twice the percentage of companies who said they were using the technology just 2 yr. ago.

That’s just one of seven trends noted by Forbes columnist Louis Columbus in a recent online article. Columbus, citing a report produced by PwC and the Manufacturing Institute, notes that 52 percent of manufacturers expect that 3D printing will be used for high-volume production in the next 3 to 5 yr.; and that 64 percent of manufacturers expect to rely on 3D printing for producing older, obsolete products during the next 3 to 5 yr.

To learn more about 3D printing—specifically 3d printing with metals—and the impact the technology is having on manufacturing, plan now to attend the 3D Metal Printing Experience and Tech Tour, August 18-19 in Livonia, MI. The event includes plant tours to view 3D metal printing in action, as well as technical presentations and a roundtable discussion.

> Die-Design Experience Slated for Grand Rapids
“Our industry needs to educate die engineers—not merely train them on the latest software.”

So notes PMA technical director Pete Ulintz, as he looks forward to presenting at MetalForming magazine’s upcoming Die Design and Simulation Software Experience, June 1-2, Grand Rapids, MI.

“Die engineers need to learn how to define, in engineering terms, their design objectives before starting a die design. They must also learn how to interpret computer results and compare those results to the engineering objectives. Until we do that, people will accept the design that the computer gives because they have no other criteria to measure against.”

Event attendees not only will be able to hear Ulintz and other industry thought leaders share their knowledge and expertise, but they’ll also get to view software demonstrations from leading suppliers to the tool and die and metalforming industries.

Learn more and register to attend.

Registration Open for the Die Design and Simulation Software Experience
We’re looking forward to seeing you at the 2016 Die Design and Simulation Software Experience, taking place on June 1-2 in Grand Rapids, MI! This popular program, presented by MetalForming magazine, will feature interactive discussions, presentations from subject-matter experts and demonstrations from key companies on what’s new and trending in die-design, simulation and development software. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn about these new technology developments and how they can optimize your company’s manufacturing performance. Visit the event website to learn more.
PMA’s 2016 Manufacturing
Sales Summit

Join your professional peers on September 27-28, 2016, in Indianapolis for PMA’s 2016 Manufacturing Sales Summit—a program designed especially for sales and marketing professionals in the manufacturing industry. Visit for event details.
New Products
The latest in metalforming and fabricating products and technology. > Network I/O Weldblocks
> Huge 3D Printing Machine Earns R&D 100 Award
> Portable, Powerful Portable CMM
> Nesting Software for Various Cutting Processes

In This Issue:

> Software Helps Midwest
Die Shop Design with Ease

Equipped with 3D-design and development software, this Chicagoland die shop finds generating 3D strip layouts quick and simple. Automatic blank alignment, rotation and optimization functions help to create efficient strips, and an automatic 2D-strip-plan option assists with punch design.

> Tool Design and Build Made SIMple
Using the latest simulation software, Walker Tool & Die gains the upper hand on springback and other high-strength-material issues to deliver production-ready tooling to customers more quickly than ever.
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