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July 22, 2015

Wednesday, July 22, 2015
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July 22, 2015
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Parents Don’t View Manufacturing Jobs as Ripe for Advancement
As Manufacturing Day approaches (Oct. 2, 2015), we’d all be wise to heed this message from a recent survey commissioned by the Alcoa Foundation:
  • Two-thirds of parents (of children ages 6 to 17) in the United States don’t consider manufacturing jobs ripe for advancement; and
  • 21 percent of survey respondents associate manufacturing and trade jobs with minimum-wage salaries that provide no benefits or health insurance.

An article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette provides additional tidbits from the survey, and offers this piece of advice:

“Manufacturing executives and schools need to better-educate parents about the wide range of opportunities for technical workers.”

That’s where Manufacturing Day comes into play. A “celebration of modern manufacturing meant to inspire the next generation of manufacturers,” Manufacturing Day is a terrific opportunity for metalformers to open their doors to the community. Invite schools, clubs and other groups to tour your plant. Change the negative perception of manufacturing and help attract the next generation of workers.

Learn more by visiting the Manufacturing Day website.


Versatility Industrial Tool Storage Cabinets and Change-Over Carts
Versatility Professional Tool StorageEngineered for lean manufacturing principles and designed for more efficient and productive fabrication, Versatility Tool Storage Cabinets and Carts protect and organize your Press Brake and Turret Press Tooling and save valuable time.

  • European Press Brake Tooling
  • Amada Fixed Height Tooling
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Global Automotive Lightweight Materials Congress
August 18-20, 2015 - Detroit, Michigan,USA

This is the largest and most trusted automotive lightweight materials conference. and this year's installment returns with a 3-day agenda—to share unprecedented detail across composites, joining, forming and multi-material design.

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You Ought To Know...
> On the Horizon: U.S. Manufacturing Costs to Fall Below Those of China
By 2018, consultants at BCG predict that the average cost to manufacture goods in the United States will fall to 2 to 3 percent below what it costs to manufacture in China. Other statistics from BCG: The average cost to manufacture goods in the United States is currently only 5 percent higher than in China; and is 10 to 20 percent lower than in major European economies.


A recent Fortune magazine article explains the factors at play, including the narrowing wage gap and the growing use of fracking to drive down the price of oil and gas. BCG estimates that U.S. manufacturers pay 30 to 50 percent less for electricity compared to manufacturers in other major export countries.

New Products
The latest in metalforming and fabricating products and technology. > Fiber-Laser System Ideal for Development and Small-Lot Production
> Plasma Cutter a Fit for Every Shop
> Punching App Simplifies Calculations, Supports Fabricators
> High-Performance Auto-Adjust Panel Line
> New Punch Press Accepts Two Tooling Styles
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> Fundamentals of Resistance Welding of Advanced Steels
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> Path to Excellence 'Hinges' on Skilled Workforce Error-Proofing
Management at Larsen & Shaw believed back in 2012 that the firm required a fresh look at its processes. Technology targeted included die protection, automated assembly, in-die part quality measurement and self-adjusting dies.
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