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July 8, 2015

Wednesday, July 8, 2015
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July 8, 2015
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Coming in September: A Major Revision to ISO 9001
ISO 9001:2015 is coming, and this major revision (the last since 2000) includes several key additions. Among them, according to an article posted to the website of The British Standards Institution, are increased emphasis on leadership, and a focus on risk management. The article includes a 9-min. videotaped interview with BSI executive Charles Corrie, discussing the ISO 9001 revisions.

Versatility Industrial Tool Storage Cabinets and Change-Over Carts
Versatility Professional Tool StorageEngineered for lean manufacturing principles and designed for more efficient and productive fabrication, Versatility Tool Storage Cabinets and Carts protect and organize your Press Brake and Turret Press Tooling and save valuable time.

  • European Press Brake Tooling
  • Amada Fixed Height Tooling
  • Traditional American Tooling
  • Wila NS, Wilson WT and Trumpf Tooling
  • Wila American, Wilson American Tooling and Trumpf American Tooling

Inside 3D Printing Santa Clara
October 20-22, 2015
Inside 3D Printing is returning to Santa Clara on October 20-22, 2015 with a dedicated 3D printing Metal Track. 2015 is a blockbuster year for metal 3D printing, with new market entrants, new machines and a stunning growth in the production of finished goods. Join Inside 3D Printing for a deep dive into the state of the technology today and get an insider’s perspective on game-changing events around the corner. Inside 3D Printing Santa Clara is an official 3D Print Week California event. Get 10% OFF passes to Inside 3D Printing Santa Clara at checkout with the discount code METALFORMING. Register now!

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> Industrial Magnetics Adding Manufacturing Space
> Oberg Graduates Inaugural Junior Apprentice Class
> Schmalz Breaks Ground for New Facility in NC
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> Video Case Study Highlights Benefits of Five-Axis Waterjet Cutting
Here’s a 2 min.-30-sec.-long videotaped interview with Lloyd Smith, president of Gulf Machine Shop, Inc., Lake Charles, LA, where we learn of the benefits the firm has received from its implementation of a five-axis waterjet-cutting system. Listen to Smith explain how its waterjet machine tackled a challenging job for a local paper mill that required cutting stainless-steel framework. Waterjet replaced plasma cutting, which required secondary edge finishing and created a troublesome heat-affected zone.

The high-quality video showcases a bevy of precision-cut components fabricated at Gulf Machine.

July 2015 MetalForming magazine

In This Issue:

> Open-Architecture Press Controls
...allow Ariens to modify the look and feel of its user-interface screens and optimize communication between press-line equipment, including a new servo feeder. And, calibration settings for parameters such as shut height now reside in a supervised limited-access area.

> Die Protection--Don't Do This
Lack of testing, poor wiring practices, using the wrong sensor, nuisance stops... the ways to fail when employing sensors to protect your tools are many. Avoid these pitfalls to reduce costly headaches.
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> Hydraulic Presses
> Die Design Software
> Laser Cutting
> Automation
> Quick Die Change
> Plasma Cutting
> FABTECH 2015 Show Preview
> Welding
> Additive Manufacturing
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