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June 10, 2015

Wednesday, June 10, 2015
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June 10, 2015
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Posted: Presentations from Great Designs in Steel 2015  
The 14th annual Great Designs in Steel (GDIS) seminar, hosted by the Steel Market Development Institute (SMDI), welcomed nearly 1300 attendees on Wednesday, May 13, at Laurel Manor Conference Center in Livonia, MI. Established in 2002, GDIS provides a forum for discussions about trends and applications in automotive steel technologies, including stamping and welding.

In all, GDIS attendees had the opportunity to attend more than 25 presentations and panel discussions covering topics such as optimizing parameters for hot-formed tailored-blank applications, the value of servo-controlled force in forming advanced high-strength steels, and five-axis laser cutting of advanced steels.

All of the presentations are available for download from the SMDI website.

Uncover Design Flaws
ETAUncover hidden design flaws before prototyping with accurate stamping simulations. Dynaform is a simulation software solution that allows engineers to accurately simulate stamping and predict formability Issues, reduce development time, validate die design, Improve efficiency and increase profitability. simulating every detail during the design stage ensures high quality formed parts and efficient manufacturing processes. Try Dynaform Today
Deburr Both Sides of Sheet Metal in One Operation
CS UnitecDeburr stainless steel, aluminum and other metal sheets up to 0.2" thick with CS Unitec’s ROLEI® BE5. Two speeds enable fine or standard deburring. Two abrasive flap wheels rotate in opposite directions to grind both sides of the metal in one pass. 28” guide rail extensions for large, thin sheets.
Success is programmable. Schuler ServoDirect Technology.
Schuler’s reliable ServoDirect Technology is proven globally. Invest in your future with a business strategy that competes on quality with higher throughput. Gain flexibility and credibility with your customers by implementing a change in your overall process to get better bottom-ine results. The payback is in your future.

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> Talan Products Wins Innovation Award
> New Website for Maker of Tube-Bending Machines
> Additive-Manufacturing Training Center Coming to Kentucky
> Outokumpu Helps Develop Award-Winning Fuel Tank
You Ought To Know...
> Tax Reform, Trade Policy Impacting Manufacturing  
This blog post from Brady Ware & Co. does a nice job summarizing how tax reform, trade policy and government (federal, state and local) actions taken to address the skills gap will impact manufacturing companies throughout the rest of 2015 and into 2016. A quick yet informative read, the blog is based on material gathered by Manufacturing Industry Advisor, the manufacturing-focused blog published by Foley & Lardner LLP.

Here’s a quick quote:

“Expect regulatory activism to continue in 2015, with resultant challenges from business and industry groups where regulations exceed legislative authority, violate due process or other constitutional protections, or are otherwise inconsistent with existing law or statutory intent…This will be a fight worth participating in for many manufacturers.”

> An Inside Look at BMW Spartanburg  
From comes this 6-min. video providing an inside look at the BMW assembly plant in Spartanburg, SC, the firm’s largest factory worldwide and sole manufacturer of its X-series crossover SUVs. The facility manufactures 400,000 vehicles/yr. for the global market--70 percent of its offspring are exported.

Starring in the video is a huge collection of robots. While a Time editor notes that “the automotive business was born out of efficiency and precision,” a BMW official notes that “robots are a key part of our process, but there’s a lot of work that goes into keeping robots running.”


Versatility Industrial Tool Storage Cabinets and Change-Over Carts
Versatility Professional Tool StorageEngineered for lean manufacturing principles and designed for more efficient and productive fabrication, Versatility Tool Storage Cabinets and Carts protect and organize your Press Brake and Turret Press Tooling and save valuable time.

  • European Press Brake Tooling
  • Amada Fixed Height Tooling
  • Traditional American Tooling
  • Wila NS, Wilson WT and Trumpf Tooling
  • Wila American, Wilson American Tooling and Trumpf American Tooling
Online Auction – Metal Fabrication Equipment
Hilco CNC turret punch presses, CNC press brakes, stamping presses, coil equipment, spot & seam welders, expanders, and more at online auction, 18-25 June 2015. Online Auction of select assets from Vermont Castings in Paris, KY. Visit Hilco Industrial for more information and a complete lot catalog.
June MF 2015

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> Metalformer Sings the Praises of its Laser-Cutting Duo
Fabrication, along with production machining, is driving growth at Tella Tool & Manufacturing, where a pair of high-power laser-cutting machines--a CO2 model and a new fiber-laser model--have opened doors to new industries and customers, allowed the firm to grow its prototype and low-volume business, and produce reflective-metal parts.

> Lubrinomics--Science and Economics Deliver Top-Shelf Lubricant Management
There's more than meets the eye in mixing and testing lubricants. Doing your homework will yield the best lubricant in the best concentration for your needs, with cost savings to boot.
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