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May 27, 2015

Wednesday, May 27, 2015
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May 27, 2015
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Creating a Business Environment that Enables Progress
Here’s a guest blog posted to, from a PPG Industries executive, urging the creation of a “business environment that enables our progress. We need an environment that helps manufacturers succeed.”

Among the fundamental values discussed that enable manufacturing to make a lasting impact on the U.S. economy are free enterprise—“market forces that drive innovation and growth. Another is competitiveness: our ability to invest and expand markets and success in the global economy.”

The author goes onto describe changes that need to occur in order for these values to rise to the top and ensure continued competitiveness for U.S. manufacturers.

Uncover Design Flaws
ETA uncover Uncover hidden design flaws before prototyping with accurate stamping simulations. DYNAFORM is a simulation software solution that allows engineers to accurately simulate stamping and Predict Formability Issues, Reduce Development Time, Validate Die Design, Improve Efficiency and Increase Profitability. Simulating every detail during the design stage ensures high quality formed parts and efficient manufacturing processes. Try DYNAFORM Today
Deburr Both Sides of Sheetmetal
in One Operation

CS UnitecDeburr stainless steel, aluminum and other metal sheets up to 0.2" thick with CS Unitec’s ROLEI® BE5. Two speeds enable fine or standard deburring. Two abrasive flap wheels rotate in opposite directions to grind both sides of the metal in one pass. 28” guide rail extensions for large, thin sheets.
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> Today's News
> Fronius USA Begins Making Solar Inverters in United States
> NIST Awards $7.8 Million in Advanced Manufacturing Grants
> Ready Technology Adds Distributors in Ohio, Michigan
> Metalforming Industry Movers & Shakers
You Ought To Know...
> Companies Seek Workers Who Value Education
Cincinnati Enquirer writer Fatima Hussein describes how several companies, including Chrysler, have begun to offer educational benefits to attract “a specific type of worker that isn’t simply looking for higher income.’ Workers that want to improve their skills, she says, are more productive, and (according to an economics professor she interviewed) “tend to be better workers in general.”

Hussein then goes on to describe a Cincinnati-area company’s 8-yr.-old apprenticeship program, Learn why the company feels the program is worthwhile, even though it costs $220,000 per apprentice trained (over an 8000-hr. period) to earn their bachelor’s degree.

> ERP—To the Cloud, or Not? That is the Question
The answer for many small- to midsized metalformers is, “Yes,” as cloud enablement allows metalformers and other manufacturers to connect numerous locations, empower mobile engagement by remote workers and simplify collaboration with suppliers and customers.

This topic takes center stage at an upcoming webinar produced by MetalForming magazine and sponsored by Epicor. Attend the free 1-hr. session, scheduled for Thursday, June 4, 2:00 PM EDT, to learn why 47 percent of midsized manufacturers expect to transition their ERP to the cloud by 2019.

New Products
The latest in metalforming and fabricating products and technology. > Add Centrifugal Force to the Arc-Welding Process
> Reciprocating Surface Grinders Boast Wheels to 14-in. Dia.
> Laser-Punch Combo Provides Four-in-One Benefits
> Tool Up to Create Rib, Shear, Offset and Pincher Features in Sheetmetal
> Self-Clinching Fasteners for Stainless Steel or High-Strength Aluminum
May 2015 MF
In This Issue:

> Metal-Cored Wire and Robotic Welding Quite the Productive Combo
In many applications, including automotive where galvanized and aluminized steel are increasingly popular, metal-cored wire proves its and out of the weld cell. Here's why.

> Servo-Electric Press Brakes Support Fab-Shop Growth
A manufacturer of high-quality tool boxes reduces setup times to a mere 5 min., while dramatically increasing quality, thanks to state-of-the-art press-brake technology.
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> Lubrication
> Mechanical Presses
> Waterjet/Laser Cutting
> In-Die Sensing
> Press Controls
> Resistance Welding
> Hydraulic Presses
> Die Design Software
> Laser Cutting
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