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IQMS Means Manufacturing ERP and Automation

Tuesday, May 17, 2016
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MetalForming Delivers IQMS
Video: Tackling the Challenges of High Volume,
Tight Tolerance Stamping
Horizon Die saves with IQMS

Horizon Die is a company that is pushing the envelope on technology. They take on the tough technical challenges other metal stamping suppliers decline. As a premier provider of high speed, high volume, tight-tolerance, precision metal stampings having all production and order requirements at their finger tips is crucial to their growth and success.

With jobs running at 10,000 parts per minute, their entire operation works cohesively and efficiently. Watch this short video to learn how IQMS is helping Horizon Die tackle the challenges of high volume, tight tolerance stamping so they can:

  • Manage materials
  • Conquer lot traceability
  • More efficiently plan production
  • Better manage inventory
  • Meet customer KPIs
Watch how IQMS ERP helps Horizon Die


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